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Frequently Ansquer Question


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1) What kind of pay methods are accepted?
2) What if I don’t live in the US? Can you send the photobooth to other country?
3) Can I receive assistance in other languages?
4) You make the photo booths?
5) Why your products are cheaper than other companies I found on the internet?
6) You can do custom designs?
7) What is your Product warranty?
8) If I already have camera, printer and computer. Can I buy only the shell?
9) What kind of support you offer?
10) Which software you use?
11) How long it takes to get my photo booth?
12) If I want to see the photo booth have office with show room?
13) I have to pay a monthly fee for using the software?
14) Do you have financing options?
15) Do I have to pay franchise charges?